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Dr. Robert Leeman Awarded Tenure & Named Endowed Professor

UF CARE Executive Committee Member Dr. Robert F. Leeman was awarded the Mary F. Lane Endowed Professorship at the Health and Human Performance (HHP) Spring Awards Banquet.  He was also awarded tenure at the June 2019 meeting of the UF Board of Trustees. The Mary F. Lane Endowed Professorship was established to help recruit/retain an outstanding behavioral scientist who has a distinguished research program that addresses health behavior problems common among younger adults, adolescents or children and that contributes knowledge relevant to prevention and modification of health-related behavioral risk factors. Dr. Leeman’s scholarly work on understanding and preventing substance misuse and risky sexual practices among young adults exemplifies these objectives. He is the first Mary F. Lane Endowed Professor at the University of Florida. (Pictured: Dr. Leeman & Ms. Lane)

Dr. Habibeh Khoshbouei

Dr. Habibeh Khoshbouei Promoted to Professor

UF CARE member Dr. Habibeh Khoshbouei, Department of Neuroscience (joint appointment in Psychiatry), has been promoted to Professor by the University of Florida Board of Trustees.  Read about Dr. Khoshbouei's research and featured articles below: Projects in our laboratory are focused on the identification of novel mechanisms involved in regulation of dopamine neurotransmission in the brain. In particular we are …


Linda Cottler

Dr. Linda Cottler Receives 2019 CPDD Mentorship Award

UF CARE member Linda Cottler, PhD, MPH, FACE was presented with the College on Problems of Drug Dependence (CPDD) Mentorship Award at the CPDD 81st Annual Scientific Meeting in San Antonio, Texas on June 16th.




UF CARE awarded 15 travel awards to Affiliate Members this year. Here are some recent events and attendees:

Society for Prevention Research, San Francisco, CA, May 2019

Juhan Lee, Cheong Laboratory: "Parent, peer, and media advertisement influences on electronic cigarette use among adolescents in the United States"

College on Problems of Drug Dependence (CPDD), San Antonio, TX, June 2019

Yiyang Liu, Cottler Laboratory: "Past 30-day oral and non-oral prescription stimulant use and associated risk factors among youth 10 to 18 years of age"
Samuel Obeng, Ph.D., McMahon Laboratory: "The Sigma1 Receptor Antagonist CM304 Specifically Enhances the Antinociceptive Effects of the Cannabinoid CB1 agonists, but not Mu-Opioid Receptor Agonists in Mice"
Ayodeji Otufowora, Cottler Laboratory: "Cannabis use disorder and its comorbidity with other mental health disorders"

Research Society on Alcoholism (RSA), Minneapolis, MN, June 2019

Ben Berey, Leeman Laboratory: "Relationships among facets of impulsivity, risk taking, impaired control, and alcohol-related problems in young adult heavy drinkers"
Tessa Frohe, Leeman Laboratory: "Mindfulness and impaired control over alcohol use among young adults"
Christian Garcia, Nixon Laboratory: "Investigating Race Differences in Emotional Face Processing among Individuals with Alcohol Use Disorder"
Julianne Price, Nixon Laboratory: "The Role of Emotionality in Attending to and Ignoring Facial Stimuli in Alcohol Use Disorder"

International Narcotics Research Conference, New York, NY, July 2019

Ariana Brice-Tutt, McLaughlin Laboratory: "Mixed opioid receptor agonism and antagonism demonstrated by a novel cyclic tetrapeptide prevents drug- and stress-induced reinstatement of drug-seeking behavior"
Lisa Wilson, McLaughlin Laboratory: "Kratom Tea as a therapeutic agent for opioid dependence"

Research Society on Marijuana, Vancouver, WA, July 2019

Ricarda Pritschmann, Yurasek Laboratory: "Associations between behavioral economic reward value, expectancies and cannabis use outcomes"



UF CARE Seminar Series:

(UF CARE Seminars begin at 3pm)

August 21:

"Undergraduate Summer Research Presentations" (Communicore C1-3) - A "what I did this summer" for undergraduate research assistants working in addiction-related research.

September 18:

"Pre-Meetings Datablitz #2" (Location TBA) featuring:

Shelby Blaes (Setlow Lab)
Ariana Brice-Tutt (McLaughlin Lab)
Adithya Gopinath (Khoshbouei lab)
Peter Hamor (Schwendt Lab)
Ayodeji Otufowora (Cottler Lab)
Ricarda Pritschmann (Yurasek Lab)
Lisa Wilson (McLaughlin Lab)

November 20:

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