A Message from the Director:

UF CARE is committed to promoting addiction science and education in this uncertain time. Our seminar series is in full-swing and we are delighted with the breadth and depth of our scheduled seminars. As an exciting expansion and in direct response to the challenges of zoom-base lectures, our external speakers are asked to be available to answer questions and/or will be providing small group chat opportunities in conjunction with their “zoom visits”. New shared equipment for use in human addiction science is on its way.  Finally, of particular import in this time of fiscal concerns, we will be  issuing the new dissertation grant applications in early Fall and are planning the UF CARE Annual Symposium.


APA Journals Psychology of Addictive Behaviors and Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology to Prioritize Papers Submitted Focusing on Social Factors, Racial, and Ethnic Disparities. 

Read announcements by Editors Katie Witkiewitz (PAB) and William Stoops (ECP).

2020 grad feature


Dr. Meredith Berry UF CARE Podcast Episode 8

UF CARE Podcast Episode 8: Dr. Meredith Berry, Department of Health Education & Behavior

https://youtu.be/7H7DgRST3Po UF CARE Member Dr. Meredith Berry, Assistant Professor, UF Department of Health Education & Behavior, joins podcast host, Dr. Oliver Grundmann, for the eighth episode of the UF CARE Podcast. (Department Profile).



Seminar TODAY:

Seminar Joy Gabrielli

Upcoming July Seminars:

July 8, 2020 at 3:00 PM

Robert Dvorak, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, University of Central Florida, Department of Psychology

“Examining Momentary and Daily Indices of Emotion and Motivation as Predictors of Drinking-Related Outcomes”

Zoom: https://ufl.zoom.us/j/96745530068

July 22, 2020 at 3:00 PM

Karen Szumlinski, Ph.D.

Professor, Psychological & Brain Sciences

University of California, Santa Barbara

Zoom: https://ufl.zoom.us/j/99777953930


Grants Funded:

Boissoneault, J. (Co-Investigator; PI: Robinson, M.). Mechanisms and Modification of Pain Modulatory Capacity. (R01AR073748, 5/2020-4/2025).

This project aims to determine whether repeated exposure to a time-limited exercise-induced musculoskeletal pain may improve individuals’ ability to modulate pain.

Conference Symposia / Speaking Engagements:

Dr. Lori Knackstedt - Upcoming seminars: June 24 @ 12 pm – Symposia: “Advancing Polysubstance Research with Translational Approaches”. (Virtual) Annual Meeting of the College on Problems of Drug Dependence (CPDD).

New Publications:

Bechard AR, Logan CN, Mesa J, Hernandez YP, Blount H, Hodges VL, Knackstedt LA (2020). Role of prefrontal cortex projections to the nucleus accumbens core in mediating the effects of ceftriaxone on cue-induced cocaine seeking. Addiction Biology.

Frohe, T., Berey, B., McCallian, E., Vowles, K., & Witkiewitz, K. (In press). Alcohol and Chronic Pain: Shared Neural Circuits and Clinical Features. Clark, M.R., Maldonado-Bouchard, S., Incayawar, M., (Eds), Overlapping Pain and Psychiatric Syndromes. New York, NY: Oxford University Press.

Logan CN, Bechard AR, Hamor PU, Wu L, Schwendt M, Knackstedt LA (2020) Ceftriaxone and mGlu2/3 interactions in the nucleus accumbens core affect the reinstatement of cocaine-seeking in male and female rats. Psychopharmacology. PMID: 32382781 https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32382781/

Marsden, J., Darke, S., Hall, Wayne, Hickman, M., Holmes, J., Humphreys, K., Neale, J., Tucker, J., & West, R. (2020). Mitigating and learning from the impact of COVID-19 infection on addictive disorders. Addiction. https://doi.org/10.1111/add.15080 (available for early view)

Sevel, L.S., Stennett, B., Schneider II, V., Bush, N., Nixon, S.J., Robinson, M., & Boissoneault, J. (in press). Acute Alcohol Intake Produces Widespread Decreases in Cortical Resting Signal Variability in Health Social Drinkers. Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research.

(UF CARE Members and Affiliate Members in Bold)

UF CARE Affiliate Member & Trainee News:

Juhan Lee (John) received the 2020 Travel Award for Early Career Investigators at 2020 College on Problems of Drug Dependence (CPDD) annual meeting. He will present the work, titled "Co-use of e-cigarettes and other substances among US young adults" mentored by Drs. JeeWon Cheong (Department of Health Education & Behavior) and Catherine W. Striley (Department of Epidemiology).

Yasmin Padovan-Hernandez, CARE undergraduate member, earned her B.S. in Psychology and is headed to the Neuroscience PhD program at Johns Hopkins University

Katie Lindstrom, M.S., Health Education & Behavior (Trainee of Dr. Jalie Tucker), selected to receive a 2020 National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) R13-funded travel award from Division 28/50 to present her work entitled “Social Network Feedback From Peer Drinkers and Alcohol Use Among Community-Dwelling Emerging Adults” at the APA Annual Convention (August 6-9, 2020). The convention will be held virtually.

(UF CARE Members and Affiliate Members in Bold)